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Our History The company Z international cc was incorporated in 1990

Our History

The company Z international cc was incorporated in 1990 by its Founder John Zomboulis, an accountant and tax consultant by profession. The name of the company was meant to signify the goal of the company “Z”, being the first letter of John’s surname and “International”, indicating the ultimate goal being that’s of international representation.

It was decided that the trading of the company should reflect its main objectives being that of professionalism, acting in all financial aspects of life, and being able to consult in all spheres of business, a one stop shop. The trading name Professional Financial Consultants or the shortened version PFC, was born as a result of these objectives. Initially the company was a small one man concern. With a lot of effort, dedication and hard work, the company started growing organically, to an extent where they started hiring staff to help out with required work.

Today the company has a staff compliment of a number of employees, and a client base within a wide range of industries, and is affiliated with certain overseas companies. It helps clients achieve their required needs in all aspects of business, be it bookkeeping, accounting, tax consulting, business consulting, managing assets, planning, incorporating, structuring, and many other aspects. A more detailed list of the services are indicated under the Services page. Our company is also a BBBEE level 4-certificate participant.

Objectives and Goals

The objectives and goals of the company have not changed since its inception. We aim to provide the clients with the most professional, all-inclusive, and most efficient service, at a reasonable price, in all aspects of finance and business. We have the best interests of our clients at heart and try to help in all respects. Every client’s dream becomes our objective to help him achieve it. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible